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Delicious Breakfast Options

Start your day out right with one of our delicious breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and other amazing breakfast items. All of our items are prepared when you order it, so you know you're getting something fresh and delicious. Pair that with a cafe drink and you have the perfect breakfast!

Breakfast Items

Scrambled Egg Beater


Fresh Pastries

Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches

Call ahead to have your food and drinks waiting for you!


CTA Pastries Breakfast sandwiches

Scrambled Egg Beater Supreme


Ham and Cheese Beater


Side of Sausage (1 patty)


Side of Bacon (2 slices)


Side of Wheatberry Toast (2 slices)


Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt with Berries


Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal


Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese or Sausage and Cheese


Egg and Cheese


Ham, Egg and Cheese


Bacon, Egg and Cheese


Sausage, Egg, and Cheese


Wendy’s special


Breakfast BLT


Assorted Pastries

Muffins:                                                                                  $2.49

Apple Crumb ~ Banana Nut ~ Blueberry ~

Triple Chocolate


Pecan Roll                                                                              $3.29


Cinnamon Roll                                                                       $3.29


Bagels:                                                                                   $2.49

Asiago ~ Blueberry ~ Cinnamon Raisin ~

Everything ~ Plain


Scones:                                                                                  $2.59

Blueberry ~ Chocolate Chip ~ Cinnamon ~

Raspberry White Chocolate


Danish: Variety                                                                      $2.99


Donuts: Variety                                                                      $1.19

Café Sandwiches

Chicken Salad

on a butter Croissant (or toasted wheatberry bread)


Toasted Cheese

on wheatberry bread



on wheatberry bread


All Sandwiches include chips or pretzels and a dill pickle spear.

Lettuce, tomato, and red onion also available.

Add cheese or bacon to any sandwich 50¢

Any breakfast sandwich can be prepared on your choice of a

butter croissant, English muffin, lightly toasted wheatberry

bread, a plain or everything bagel.

Breakfast Hero